Copywriting (Batch 3)


Learn how to become a copywriter in 5 days! 


We will cover essential topics such as:

  • research skills you need
  • copywriting tools all copywriters must familiarize themselves with
  • frameworks that are proven and tested
  • templates for a smoother work experience,
  • and building out organized systems that will help you become not just an efficient copywriter but overall a great freelancer


The best part? We have exercises so you can be an "active" learner.


We hate passive learners who forget about their courses after a few weeks. We want you to be equipped in your work-life-application journey.


If you are ready to commit to participating actively in this course, you will be rewarded! 


You will also get access to the following:

  • a per batch-specific FB group
  • a dedicated group chat channel for the course where you can mingle with your co-learners to see all your growth and progress,
  • and everyone will get a chance to be coached on a live online Q&A session at the end of the week


Excited to learn with me? Enroll below and see you there!


  • 6 Sections
  • 12 Lessons
  • 1 Quiz
  • 0m Duration
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The Course Flow
1 Lesson0 Quizzes
  1. Understanding the Course Flow
Lesson 1: What is Copywriting?
3 Lessons0 Quizzes
  1. Who is your resident Copywriter?
  2. What is Copywriting
  3. Day 1 Exercises
Lesson 2: Copywriting Essentials Part 1
3 Lessons1 Quiz
  1. Lesson 2: Copywriting Essentials Part 1
  2. Lesson 2: Copywriting Essentials Part 1 Continuation
  3. Day 2 Exercises
  4. Quick Check with Kagawad Philip
Lesson 3: Copywriting Essentials Part 2
2 Lessons0 Quizzes
  1. Lesson 3: Copywriting Essentials Part 2
  2. Day 3 Exercises
Lesson 4: Timeless Copywriting Frameworks
2 Lessons0 Quizzes
  1. Lesson 4: 3 Timeless Copywriting Frameworks
  2. Day 4 Exercise
1 Lesson0 Quizzes

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